Cup Guidance

One team from each member club may enter the competition. Any club having three or more teams may enter two teams in the competition. The Garswood competition is open to any team eliminated (but not scratched from) in the 1st or 2nd rounds of the Moor Lea Cup.

Each team shall consist of four men and four ladies all of whom must be bona fide club members of the club they represent and no player may represent more than one team in any one season.

All players shall have represented the club in either of the conditions below:

– sufficient matches in the current season to be at least 25% of the number of weeks that have elapsed so far in the season

– in 4 matches in the previous season.

Dispensation from this rule may be granted by the League Management Committee in exceptional circumstances.

Each match shall consist of 5 events:  The order shall be Men’s doubles, Ladies’ doubles, Mixed doubles, Men’s singles & Ladies’ singles – unless Captains agree to change the order beforehand

There is flexibility to rearrange a cup match in the same week if all parties are in agreement. If not, the cup match takes precedence over the league match as per league rules.

Any player not present when called to play shall forfeit the event. In the event of postponement owing to bad weather the match shall be rearranged within 14 days and fresh nominations may be made. All results completed shall stand.