Naming a match card

By the end of the season I will have around 500 cards in one directory.  They have to be unique, instantly identifiable and easily sortable. One season I received over 50 named simply “matchcard.xlsx”

I administer the league in my spare time.  I have gone to a great deal of trouble to make it as easy as possible for the captains to fill in the match cards.  If a card is not correctly named I simply send it back whence it came.

The filename for a match card should be nothing more than the division followed by the name of the home team followed by the name of the away team. Excel or OpenOffice will automatically add one of .xlsx, .xls or .ods as a file extension.

No spaces: that is essential when it comes to the Bramhall, Bowdon and Hale teams so it needs to be done for all the teams.

No v or vs and no hyphens please.

No extra words like the date or “Summer League” or “Division” or  “Matchcard” or “home” or “away”

For example
M 2 Winton v Whalley Range B would be filed before M1AlbertABowdonBowlingA and MatchcardL1AlderleyEdgeBrooklands would be filed right at the end, after all the M 5 cards.

.And hyphens also mess things up big time.  I’ve experimented with them and they seem to change their behaviour depending on what comes before them and what comes after them so they are a definite no-no.

I have to have the match cards in the correct order so that I know which ones I have and so that I can find them when I need them, for example if there is a dispute.