Guidelines for captains

For each away match, check the correct date and day for the opponents home matches.

Ensure that a team of six is available and, if appropriate, check that none of the team is “nominated”.

Ensure that team members know that they must turn up even in inclement weather.

Ensure that team members know that PLAY MUST START at 6.30pm (6.15pm for early season weeks). Turning up after 6.30pm (or 6.15pm) will necessitate concessions being made.

CHECK AND AGREE THE FINISHING TIME with the opposing captain, using the published times. The finishing times of play are designated week by week on the fixture charts. It is appreciated however that where there are floodlights, or where play is on a Sunday morning, teams may wish to play on. The designated times, therefore, may ( if agreed by BOTH CAPTAINS ) be altered PRIOR TO THE START OF THE MATCH to take account of floodlights or court and light availability on early Sunday afternoons.

If both captains agree before the start of a match, sets 10, 11 & 12 can be played as a championship tie breaker – this should be entered as 6-5 on the electronic scorecard. Also, if agreed before the start of a match, the match can be played over 12 sets rather than 18. See League Matches for order of play.

Ensure team members are aware of the rule on finishing times, and that only the game in progress can be completed.

Check that all players are aware of the rule of ” the 12 sets completion ” for every league match, to avoid rearranged matches. Delay by inclement weather to 7.15pm or so, should still enable a match to be completed in one evening. When a match is abandoned owing to weather conditions, and 12 sets have not been completed the remaining time shall be noted. The home captain shall offer three non-conflicting dates ( see the rules relating to re-arranged matches ) to complete the match.

Complete a full scorecard ( names in full and printed ), with signatures of both captains. Home captains to send in the  electronic version of the card, to the League Match Secretary within 72 hours of completion of the fixture.

Check rules for ” late turn up ” of players. If any pair is not on court ready to play at the published start time, play may continue until ALL ongoing events already started at the published start time have completed their first two sets. The late pair must then complete its game in progress and concede any uncompleted games to concede the set (or sets).

Home captains must keep a copy of the scorecard in case of disputes.

Home captains to notify the League Match Secretary of fixture changes.

To make changes to a fixture please speak to the opposing captain or another club contact – don’t just leave a message and assume it has been received and acted upon.

Clubs cannot arrange to play a fixture after the date in the fixture list except for fixtures on a Public or National Holiday Weekend ( which includes matches on the Friday to Monday) in which case the date may be changed at the request of either team captain with at least two weeks notice given to the opposition. The home captain shall then offer three non conflicting dates for the match to be played.

The League Match Secretary shall be informed of the situation and the re-arranged date.

For re-arranged matches arranged after the official fixture chart, see the list of additional start and finish times. Also note a minimum of 12 sets constitute a match.

When a match is abandoned owing to weather conditions and if both captains agree to restart a match as a new match, the teams are not restricted to a maximum of two substitutes in the re-arranged match.

If the visiting team have any players with special dietary requirements, then the visiting team captain should inform the home captain accordingly, giving plenty of time for the home captain to make appropriate arrangements.

Suppers – It is no longer the hosting team’s responsibility to provide a light meal BUT a drink of some sort for the visiting team is recommended.